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The online permit test course is meant for the teen drivers. You can avoid DMV visits by learning how to get your permit in www.skykomishschool.com to avoid class room lectures by seeking our online course. We allow you to study from any place and any time. You can upgrade your driving knowledge and abilities to a great extent through the online teen driver safety course. In order for teens to be eligible get their Driver’s License Permit; they must be at least 15½ years old. They may enroll in & take the online Drivers Education Course as soon as they turn 15. After successful completion of the course, Teens will receive their DMV Driver Ed Certificate. And, once they’re old enough, they need to present completion certificate to DMV in order to take their drivers permit exam.

There are two driving permit practice tests packages for you to choose from our Sky komish school; one of them has 50 practice questions and the other has 100. Once you decide which one will work best for you, you can set up your online account and get started. You will have to select a user ID and password that will be uniquely linked to your account; this way you can access your practice tests anytime and from anywhere you want. Your account is active for a period of 6 months too, so how much studying you does during that time is up to you.